ftd stinks

so...for the flowers update. a new bouquet did come on monday. check it out:

yeah. these ones suck too. there aren't even any daisies this time. oh, and they sent a little note too.
"This bouquet has $15.00 more than you gave us. We hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoy! Thanks for Shopping with us."

wow. when did carnations get so freaking expensive? honestly, does that look like a $65 dollar bouquet? and, hello, i am the customer. don't even try to pass the buck on me that i wasn't satisfied with the first one just on a whim. you did not give me the bouquet i ordered people! and no, i didn't have a good mother's day because my flowers were stuck in floral floam. and i hate, i mean hate carnations. they are the only flower i loathe and despise. i'm willing to look past a few as fillers, but not as the main event. whenever i see a carnation bouquet i think 3rd grade science project. you know, where you put the dye in the water and the carnation changes color. classy.
i am still waiting to hear a reply from email. but am calling today. i don't want any more flowers from this company, i want my money back.
and to repeat myself, this is what i ordered:


Melanie said...

Holy crap! I can't believe that. I guess we all know to avoid FTD now.

Serenity, that's hilarious! :)

Danna Banana said...

someone isn't wearing their glasses. 65 will buy you a dozen roses people!!!

Lauren said...

That totally sucks! The one you ordered is so beautiful.
I like how they told you how much it was.. yeah I can put a $65 sign on a pile of poop and someone might buy it!

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