more pics

my parents just sold their second practice within the year. yes, my dad has worked 2 jobs since he was 16. i guess once you hit 69 it's ok to just have one. so with all their free time they have planted a sick garden and are raising the poshest chickens in town. the girls fed and cared for them every day. (don't worry, i cleaned them thoroughly after each visit)
the view from my parents' porch

here is abby when she tells them to "here! peck me! peck me!" my mom told her pecks are kisses. woops.

abby's attempt to get on the swings by herself
grandma leavitt and lucy (we were trying on future halloween costumes)
this is what i love about staying at my mom's. you wake up and have sweet little flowers like this in your bathroom.


Tam said...

we have that same shirt abby's wearing in these. nice pictures. visiting home with kids is fun.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so lucky to have such a great place to visit. Also I just have to many wheelies did Ty make you pop while riding in the awesome wheelchair? Did you go off and sweet jumps? :)

Anonymous said...

Your girls are growing so fast!! The pictures of the scenery make me miss Nevada...I just told Robyn the other day that I think it is time for another visit:) So, when things slow down here, I might be headed your way!

Melanie said...

Fun pictures!! Glad you had a good time. I'm sure it's nice to be back in your own beds though. Good luck to Ty in the new term!

Lauren said...

I love your mom and dads house! I drool every time I drive by!

Trent & Tara said...

LOve the pics of the girls holding the chickens. They are so cute. Nice pics, looks like an adventure always awaits with those two!!

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