crazy lady

so- things have definitely been crazy around here. but i hate to be the blogger who whines and complains. i would like all my posts to be about wonderful stories about how perfect our children are (they really are) and great pictures of how skinny and beautiful and handsome ty and i are (we really are). wouldn't that be fun?

but here is the truth; i am going crazy. i don't know if it's the bedrest, or what, but i told my OB this. thankfully, they attributed all the craziness to a series of shots we have been taking for almost 10 weeks now. they all are in the sake of staving off preterm labor.

apparently, they make you pretty crazy too. and i quote, "oh yeah, those things make you feel like crap." thank goodness! there is nothing better than being crazy than someone telling you that there is a reason behind the craziness.

i mean, i've always known i'm a little crazy. but it's much better to be really crazy for said reasons that just crazy for crazy's sake. right? i'll keep telling myself that.

so, you are going to have to bear with the crazy lady for awhile. and so does tyson. he he he

but i cannot post without saying all the things i am grateful for:

playdates for the girls
friends cleaning my house
friends bringing us dinner
compassionate looks from nurses and doctors
my cell phone
good books
puzzles and coloring books and hugs from my kids
being able to spend so much time with the girls,

and of course, ty's patience at playing mr. mom

it has been a lot of fun for me to taste a simple life. i think everyone should try not getting out of the house for a little while, you start to miss the small things. like grocery shopping. and running errands. who knew?


Anonymous said...

It's always nice when our craziness gets validated. Maybe I should start taking shots so I can blame my crazy days on them...uhhhh, maybe not. Hang in there.

Trent & Tara said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope things start getting better for you. As for your big bow comment...I was talking to Kendra about that...and we don't remember wearing those big bows the size of Texas. So, maybe you are confusing us with other Logandale 1st ward girls. LOL. Its a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie. I wish I were closer to you. I'd take your girls everyday or do whatever you needed. Hang in there!

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