due date dillema

conversation with my lady doc:

so, what exactly is my due date? it seems to change with every ultrasound. is it still september 27th?

well, (in an authoritative tone), let's look at your first ultrasound at 10 weeks. yes...(official pause)this says here your due date is actually (drumroll please) october 3rd.

are you kidding me? that just cut 6 days from my life. how can i make up for those imaginary 6 days i thought i had conquered? frustration. setting in. right. now.

i had to reset my little dorky counter on the side too. and why does it tell you how many blessed days are left? ah-so annoying.

and on a more important note, the end of our conversation.

so, what things are you finding you can do to not have as many contractions in a day?

um...( trying to keep from bawling in sterilized office) so far it helps when i stay off my feet and do absolutely nothing

well, there you go. hang in there, because it's only going to get worse. but let's try and keep that baby in there for as long as possible and avoid the NICU.

wow, comforting words.
but i tell you, i am going to make partial bedrest look like it's going out of style. everyone is going to be doing it now. haha


me said...

Have they given you any of those lovely meds yet?

Tam said...

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a book called something like "Bedrest" in the book section of Walmart. I didn't back track to take a closer look because the margerine (and the butter) was being broken into and eaten by one of my darlings. I'm sure I'll be back soon enough, maybe then I'll be better able to take a gander at it for you.

Annie Leavitt said...

no meds yet. somehow they want me in 'real' labor before that happens.

which sounds so smart considering my last delivery was only 5 hours long.

Rawson Family said...

Wow six more days, I would have to say that would be torcher on any normal pregnancy but when they have you on partial bed rest that has got to be even harder.I talked to your mom and she said you had some great help, you have some good family and friends. Hang in there.

Melanie said...

Oh that sucks like a vacuum on high! :) (Remember that one?!) So discouraging and completely frustrating. Ugh.

me said...

They changed my date on me like 3 or 4 times, it's frustrating, and what is the point on waiting until you are in real labor before they give you meds? Don't they want you to NOT go into real labor? I started getting meds at 30 weeks. Though I had tons of contrations before hand too. Good luck

Becky J. said...

Ugh, Annie, that really stinks. I'm so sorry and really hope that baby comes at least a week early now so you do get those 6 days back! (Just don't come too early, Baby!) I'm sure you're the greatest bedrester this side of the Mississippi!

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