too true

i'm on book #3 of the anne of greene gables series and i adore them. even more so than the movies. which is almost always the case. i read this line today and just couldn't resist laughing:

"Anne laughed and sighed. She felt very old and mature and wise-which showed how young she was."

at least in my case, the older you get, the less mature and wise you feel. almost like the water keeps getting deeper and deeper but you can still only doggie paddle.


Becky J. said...

I LOVE the Anne books! And Anne of the Island is my FAVORITE! I love the romance with her and Gilbert, even if I'm constantly screaming at the book "Marry him already, Anne!" And her college experiences with her Phil and her other roommates are so sweet. I'm so glad you love them too!

Anonymous said...

So true. I remember going off to college thinking I was so old and grown up and knew everything. Then I went to my first anatomy class and sat there thinking "I don't know anything about anything."
nine years later I think the same thing...

Lauren said...

How funny.. and true!
I have noooo idea what I'm doing and I'm supposed to be the mom! I'll have to read those books. I've been sooo busy with the garden I haven't been reading.

Audrey said...

Oh so true! I feel like that all the time. I always say, the older I get the more I realize I don't know anything! I love the greene gables movies and have always wanted to read the books.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. I haven't read them in years, but I do remember loving them.

While taking a class my freshman year, I got a glimpse at how much I really don't know. Since then I've been feeling more clueless and dumb as I go along! :) I hope my poor kids forgive me one day for all my mistakes.

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