i look back at some recent posts and realize i am doing a whole lot of whining. and then i look at my header and realize i am supposed to be cheerful if it kills me. well world, looks like my words have bitten me in the butt for yet another time. oh, the irony of it all.
so this is me, being cheerful,and sharing a completely embarrassing story for you so that you can laugh,laugh hard. at me. because this made me laugh at myself as well.

last week lucy was having some 'going potty' problems that required a trip to the doctor. dear heavens why am i always in a doctors office? ok, enough with the whining. so we have a successful trip to dr. and our heading home.
here i am, on bed rest, but finding myself driving a car! the control was exhilarating. so what's the first thing i want to do? go see nienie's house. yes, i know, totally sounds like stalking right? oh no. it's not, because my other leader in young women's told me that her sister knows nienie's sister and told her where they live. see, not stalking. and it just so happens to be a roundabout way to our house. it's actually a place i have run by many,many times. before bed rest of course.
ok,back to driving in the car. we take the detour. we start getting closer so i'm casually glancing at houses. luckily we are behind a ups truck also driving slow, a perfect cover-up for my non-stalking drive home. and then i look, and there is mr. nielson watering their lawn. who gently smiles at us, just like any normal person would, but what do i do? i look away in shock. holy crap! it's mr. neilson! just at that moment the ups driver stops in middle of road. and i am stuck trying not to look at amazing nienie's house and her amazing husband, and trying not to look like a stalker at the same time. too late. he knew. i drove home mortified.

told my sister and she replied, "i am going to tell everyone!" too late danna, i spilled the beans.

i am a stalker. i took blog stalking to the next level. please don't report me.

and i might add, they have a lovely little home. and watered yard.


Becky J. said...

Ha! Definitely laughing over here. Um, can you show me where it is now? :)

Melanie said...

Oh, Annie, you are too funny! :) I was afraid you were going to say that you ran into the UPS truck or something.

Don't worry. I won't report you. :)

Audrey said...

That is so funny. I won't lie, I have totally wanted to know where they live. I love her. Don't even know her but I love her anyway. =)

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