i wore my favorite pair of maternity jeans yesterday, and they were tight.

these are the jeans i wore into the hospital (loosely) to deliver abby.

i can't deny that the weight gain bothers me tremendously. it's strange, because i was so oblivious with the other babies. i honestly always felt cute and curvy.

i woke up from a nightmare that i was as big as those motorcycle twins from guiness book of world records. remember them?
i seriously felt my thighs when i woke up to make sure i wasn't that big.

and this is not a plea for all of you to say, "but you look so good!" i admit, i think all pregnant women are beautiful and it is a miracle to behold how our bodies do what they do.

but i know how big my pants are in storage. and i know how big my pants are i'm wearing. it is a simple fact. and bless ty for still telling me i'm fine. mucho bonus points to you mr. leavitt.

but all jean sizes aside and all that other vain stuff, i am carrying a healthy, beautiful baby. seriously, this baby is quite the looker from its snapshots.
i am healthy (although vain).
my husband is healthy.
my children are healthy.
even though they've all been eating way too many corn dogs, pizza, candy and ice cream. they are still healthy. and i will be grateful for that.


Dal said...

Over the years those pants have shrunk, it isn't you.

Danna Banana said...

Think of it this way. If all goes well, you get to start running in Four months???
Before the end of the year!!
Hang in there!

Terril Family said...

I was the same way...but it all comes off in the end and the result is so worth it!!!

Trent & Tara said...

Oh man Annie that photo at the top I can't hardly to stand to look at it. What a nightmare that was. but, you are just going through a weird trial right now. This baby is going to be the!! Can't wait for the day when you can go exercise again!! For your sanity to get better. Best of luck with all of it.

Melanie said...

What a horrible nightmare.

Way to look on the bright side. :) Everyone is healthy, even if we all don't look quite the way we wish we did.

You're getting there. Sept/Oct will be here before you know it. It's practically the middle of July! (Hope that doesn't stress you out.)

(I know how you feel though. I love to see pregnant women, except for me. I really don't like how I look with I'm pregnant.)

Tam said...

i'm with Dal, the pants have shrunk, at least that's what's happened to all of mine. best of luck these last several weeks. take heart that you don't look like the biker twins and know that you're not the only one whose clothes get smaller (they will get bigger, trust me).

Anonymous said...

That's never fun to feel that way..and I too am vain. I take for granteed the miracle of having kids when it comes to my vainess with my body. You will be back like a rockstar in no time... We may feel like it is forever away, but in reality it's not. Hang in there! You will be blessed soon enough with a healthy babby:).

Jordan and Jandee said...

Think of it this way, the more weight you gain before you have the baby.....the bigger the difference when you actually give birth. Actually I know that is not the least bit consoling -- when I gained 55+ pounds with Isaac I heard it all and I was still completely annoyed....instead I would found it helpful to chant "this is temporary." this is temporary. this is temporary.

my name is becky kelly said...

the other day i saw a woman in the doctors office on a scooter. I looked at her thigh and tried to compare it to my waist. that wasn't working out so lowered my eyes and discovered that her calf was bigger than my waist. by a lot. it was a very sad display. she had a nice sun hat. i felt better about the pudge that was hanging over the top of my jeans as i sat.
maybe you ought to have Ty bring your "chair" to a county fair. that always makes me feel pretty. :)
-becky kelly-

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