daily daily

just to let you know,i am now posting every day and i probably will keep this up unless i have an unusually bad day, or i am holding a precious little butterball. i expect posting to slow dramatically then as i will not want to touch a computer or a book for ages.

but i find myself today feeling down, blue, and tired. all of our company left, and our house is quiet. and i. i am still on our couch.

can i do this for at least another five more weeks? i don't feel like it.

but i must try. heaven help me i am going to keep lying down.

ps-anyone who has said bedrest is easy obviously didn't have two rambunctious monkeys in the house. because guess what...bed rest with kids sucks eggs.


Anonymous said...

"BIG" eggs!!!


Lauren said...

I love that you said "sucks eggs"! I haven't heard that for a while. Hope today is a good one :)

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