hairs cuts

our lovely friend liesl came and graciously cut the girls' hairs again. she is more than great, and the girls adore her. which makes it easy for a hairdresser because they stay still!

our camera battery is dead, so i can describe them as this:
lucy's bob is back to being a bob,
abby has bangs. hoorah. we are almost mullet free people.

i made sure they didn't have a ramona quimby haircut. mom, why did i have this haircut until i was about 9? why? why? why?


Becky J. said...

Okay, our moms were totally in cahoots with each other in the 80's. Because I had that same haircut, for way too long, too! But you made it adorable! Love it.

Melanie said...

Oh, charge that camera battery. I want to see them! :)

Austrie said...

i can't wait to see thier cuts...i don't know how they could get any better than the pic of yours :) that's awesome. haha oh, and i won those tickets online, just by entering a few times.

Anonymous said...

I think you are adorable! I love it and had one just like it!

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