heat wave

the heat of july has brought many things to our home.

-heat, but nothing like our hometown. holy moly i don't know how you guys are surviving.

-the duldrums

-hyperactive/dramatic/whiney/fighting children (seriously, some WWF fights have had to be broken apart.) the only consolation is that bill and mel report equal craziness lately with their kids. must be the solar eclipse.

-lots of tv and movies

-family and friends visiting, which was lovely

-another l&D trip- with contractions 2-4 mins apart. can you say fun, fun, FUN? don't worry, the hospital had espn and we are back to normal now(for us)and home.

we are hanging in here. july is almost over and we must be the only family counting down. so of course, it's going by slowly.

just letting you all in on our status, so far, so good.

until tomorrow. he he.


Lauren said...

Oh man. Another labor and delivery trip. Bummer.
I hope you are doing ok today!

Bowler Family said...

Yipes! More contractions! I'm sorry. I had to be on bed rest for like 4 weeks at about 25 weeks and I almost went crazy!! I can't imagine how you must feel!! Hang in there, not much longer! Ash

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