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the past week has been a blur...mostly in good ways : )

saturday on the 4th we had a great bbq at the house (thanks to ty's parents) and i felt like a real person at a real social function. tara got great pictures of abby playing in the sprinklers. the girls had a blast running around in their swimsuits with wedgies all night long. i swear, it must be genetic (yes, bill, they get wedgies just like i used to and they are as equally oblivious to it).

anyways...we let both the girls stay up for the fireworks. first in family history, and another first, neither of them bawled their eyes out. it was great! ty drove me over to trent and tara's lawn and set up my 'special' chair as we like to call it and we had a great evening watching the show.

sunday the messers had aus's birthday party up in the canyon and i just couldn't resist. ty and i both thought i would be fine as we drove straight there and i lounged in aforementioned chair the entire time. i was great to see the girls play and be so happy outside. it was a lovely evening. ty's aunt corinne jokingly said, "I'm glad you could come; I hope this doesn't put you into labor." we all laughed.

sunday night things got more uncomfortable than usual-and i didn't say anything to ty hoping my tummy would settle down. monday morning wasn't any different-and the contractions were coming not too close, but not good either. so ty and i sent the girls off with their cousins and headed off for our new "date" spot. labor and delivery. that's right, for only a few hundred dollars we get to spend a few hours alone and watch baseball games and mxc and other stuff that makes us laugh so hard i almost cried.

everything turned out fine in the end. and the nurses were very sympathetic as they could see how crazy my uterus is. don't tell ty i said, that, (uterus) is a banned word in the house now. any other names i can give my baby bjorn organ?

so 3 trips so far to l&d. and home again. which is the usual...we are getting really used to this. and i am trying to take it even "easier" at home. the girls are getting lots of attention from my niece sydney who is in town and that helps a ton.

i think these trips to L&D are payback for all my making fun of moms who do "dry runs" to the hospital. yes ladies, i am paying it back in full and i'm sorry.


me said...

I totally feel for you. Been there! With the L&D stuff. By 30 weeks I was there every week for watching and then by 35 weeks twice a week. Oh the money we spend, or don't spend depending on insurance. Gotta love insurance!

Danna Banana said...

"Baby oven"
"lady bits"
"rugrat roaster"
"egg timer"

Aw! Good things happen!!

Melanie said...

What a bummer after such a fun weekend! I'm so glad Syd is keeping the girls busy. I hope you don't have to go back to L&D least not too soon.

The girls look so cute in the picture! :)

Lauren said...

He he.. I think Lady Bits is worse than uterus!!
Love the picture of your girls' crazy hair :)

Becky J. said...

No, I'm sorry! That's awful! I can't even imagine how frustrating this time has to be for you all. Stay healthy, little one, and stay in momma for a little while longer! We'll be praying for you, Annie!

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