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i can honestly say that i spend way too much time on the computer now that our laptop is hooked up. at first i was so excited. something to fill up the time! a way to stay connected to the world! alas...i have found some really fun sites. but in the end i still am adhd and would rather be doing something.

so far, some great sites have been:

i'm sure you have already all heard and read nienie. if not, do it. she is an amazing wife and mother of four who is recovering from a horrific, near fatal plane crash. oh, and she's only 4 months older than me.

crafty nest

lovely site with fun DIY home project decorating ideas.

design mom

another great mother of five. living in new york and making it all look effortless and chic.

sensibly styled

great modest clothing website for us mormies. awesome.

but i hope you don't look these sites up today. it is much too beautiful outside. please go for a walk for me. and play tag with your kids. and 50 jumping jacks. my kids love jumping jacks. especially watching you make a fool out of yourself doing them.thanks.


Lauren said...

You reeeeally want me to go outside? It soooooo hot.
Ok. I will. But only to swim!
Thanks for the fun links. I'm gonna check out the sensibly styled one first.
And if you get sick of blog surfing look into digital scrapbooking. You'll love it, I swear!

Becky J. said...

Noooo! Don't tell me any other sites to check out! Just kiddin. I'm glad you're able to do something with all that time you have to be on the couch! It was so fun chatting with you the other day, by the way! You're awesome!

Michele and Todd said...

Annie, I have not exactly followed NieNie's blogsites, but I do know all about her. I found out about it about 8 months ago and did visit the site a couple of times. I know there has been a great following. Remarkable story of survival and beyond. Hope you are feeling good. take care.

Natalie said...

Hey! Thanks so much for posting about Sensibly Styled!

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