this is a only a test...

yes, yes, we did have to go to the hospital again last night. but don't worry, it's only a test. we are very far away from the real thing, people, trust us.

dr's orders are- we have to go into labor and delivery to get checked if we are having more than 6 contractions in an hour. ok, this is a daily thing, so i cheat and don't go in. but it seems every week or so, i just can't get my little body (ok, big body) to settle down by myself so we trek in. it goes like this:

get into very fashionable mumu (hospital gown)
get hooked up into monitors
get asked the same questions we have answerd 5,000 times
wait for monitor results
nurse comes in, "are you ok?"
us: "um no, that's why we are here"

so they give us these lovely shots that stop the contractions. sarah and i found out that you cannot get me to start laughing on terbutaline, because apparently, i cannot stop. really. it was crazy. but the meds work and we go home. really, it's not that scary. ty and i get some alone time. we have toured the entire l&d unit and are starting to prefer certain rooms. and i'm pretty sure my dr. is ready to throw my chart out the window. her again?

the only great part about all this uterine activity (i did NOT say uterus) is they gave us the steroid shots for the babies lungs. this makes me and hubsters happy. very very happy. now we are just lying around. lying around. lying around. and i love knowing that there is a tiny little kick boxer inside my tummy that can wait to come out.

and for now: i got the batteries charged. check out how freakin' adorable the newborn onesies are. can you believe it? i can't.


Rawson Family said...

Well hang in there, you have made it this far right. I know that that is easy for me to say right. That onsie is so small, it's hard to believe that our toddlers were every that small.

Terril Family said...

Oh I remember the days! What I dont get is, they tell you that you're on bed rest and not to get your butt off the couch, and yet they want you at the hospital for monitering of your contractions 3 times a week (thats how often we had to go). Now, you tell me how that is bed rest?!

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