this totally makes up for everything

reading prior post makes me look like a total frump-a-lump stay at home mormmy mom. oh well, it doesn't matter, because guess what?


yes, i had to use cap locks so that you understand what a BIG DEAL THIS IS. i haven't blowed out my hair for a good, long, i won't tell you how long of time. so i sacrificed my butt to a chair for 15 minutes today. is it perfect? no, but it was worth it. so very, very worth it.


Katie M said...

I love it. Totally understand the beauty of a blowout. I will forgo swimming, exercising (even s-e-x) to prolong my hard work. Worth it for sure.

Lauren said...

He he. Love it.
I bet you look like a super hot mama :)

Terril Family said...

YAY for you! Do you want to know something funny? Every time I mop my kitchen floor I think of you and think "annie is so lucky that she doesnt have to mop her floors!" that is an activity that could put any woman into labor! I swear, with all the stuff Macy spills, mine needs to be done about every other day! So, there are some things to be grateful for about bed rest.

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