dear dairy,

dear dairy,

i'm afraid to tell you my dear that our little love affair is coming close to an the next month i will have a new baby, and that is when i just can't see you anymore. i have to choose between you or a happy child, and i choose the latter. please don't take it personally. it's just that my babies can't do dairy. don't ask me why, but they can't. it's not just me though, 7 out of 10 newborns have some kind of milk protein intolerance, it seems that babies in general can't handle your utter goodness (ha ha ha). it leads to blow outs and/or constipation, colic, gerd, excessive spit up, tight tummies,fussy sleepers, and unhappiness. lucy only couldn't handle you for a few months, and that was bearable. but abigail, well, she just couldn't be around you for over a year. don't fret though, they both are fond friends with you now,please don't forget that. it's just that while i nurse them, it means we have to be apart.

but i can't leave you without telling you what a beautiful time we have had together these past several months. it has been wonderful for me, and i know the feeling is mutual. i have reveled in your quesadillas, cheesy lasagna, peanut buster parfaits, mounds of cold stone, cheese sticks, slices of cheddar, cheesecake, cozy shack puddings, creme brule, cottage cheese, yogurt, feta salads and turkey and provolones. i know i'll cry a little when i buy the costco pack of soy milk. i'm going to really miss you, i hope you know that.

with a fond farewell,


i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this baby skips the intolerance gene. xoxoxo


me said...

Thanks Annie now I'm craving anything dairy-ish! (is that a word?)
Made me laugh though.

Carrie said...

I was really confused until I saw that it said, "Dear DAIRY" instead of "Dear Diary!" I hope you can keep the dairy with this baby!! Surely babies crave ice cream!

Tam said...

i really want some cheese. i hope for your sake you don't have to give up dairy while nursing, if it were me, i don't think i'd have enough self restraint.

Melanie said...


Oh, honey, I feel your pain!! It's so hard to avoid it and it seemed like with Matthew I was realizing even more how EVERYTHING has some form of milk or whey in it.

Let's hope the little brussel sprout only avoids it for a few months. :)

Trent & Tara said...

ha ha this is so clever!! well said...and honey I know how you feel. The no dairy thing is super hard. You have to give up a lot for your little one. I am just glad I found out that was Evelyn's problem or else I would have lost my mind. I wish all mothers who nurse would at least try the dairy thing. If their baby was having problems.

Lauren said...

No dairy!! Oh man!! I hope this baby skips the intolerance gene too.
BTW- I hope little Miss Abby is feeling better!

Becky J. said...

This post made me so hungry! haha! Except that at first I read it "Dear Diary" and I thought you were saying that you wouldn't be blogging at all after the baby comes. I know you won't blog as much, but I hope we still hear lots from Annie! Glad this was really about DAIRY, not DIARY. :)

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