i like these

ty collects baseball cards. i know, i know, but not in a weird way. he collects extremely cool and extremely expensive baseball cards. see, not weird. he's currently selling some of these extra 1954 ones on ebay. this set and a 1972 set i bought him are my favorites. i love the colors and retro uniforms. i love the players' expressions. if the baby is a boy, i might just decorate the room with these colors and frame some rad cards for the walls.

but alas, we are pretty sure it is a girl and i told ty that
i really want some of these for her chubby legs. aren't they adorable?


Trent & Tara said...

I am still guessing boy..but you never know. I know I love those things. I have seen them in the mall, adorable on little girls. That would also be a cool theme to decorate a boys room with.

Austrie said...

3 girls is pretty much the best ;) haha and 1) that is a really cute idea w/the baseball cards. definitely boyish 2) omg those are the cutest leg warmer things EVER. do they come in adult sizes ;) haha jk

Terril Family said...

Okay, I love both of those ideas. So you could have either one and I would be happy. I was thinking... you should have a poll on your blog, of what everybody thinks the baby is. People can vote for boy or girl... it would be fun to see peoples guesses.

Rawson Family said...

OH my goodness, If I have a girl I am defiantly going to have a pair of those for her.(That's if I have a Girl)The Baseball cards are way cool, the room thing is a good idea.

Lauren said...

Soooo cute!!
I'm voting boy too ;)

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