in nature

today we took the opportunity of not having church for the girls in the morning and headed up into the canyon. the girls ran around with ty marveling at every rock, animal, branch and stream. we ate a few snacks in the car driving through the aspen loop. we found out that abigail too gets carsick and will throw up all over just like lucy used to. with no announcement. i felt great, i still feel great. it was a beautiful morning (aside from the puke).

once we got home and cleaned up (thanks ty for spraying out the car seat and clothes). i thought about how much i love being outside, and why.

and then i remembered.

when i was around 9 or 10 we were out on a hike while camping with my mom. i took a turn around the bend and came to a breathtaking view of two huge valleys in the heart of nevada. as i sat there, i felt from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes these two things:
one. there is a God
two. that He loves me

i'm a lot older now, but i still know this to be true. and i feel those truths, along with many, many, others every single time i am blessed enough to be out in nature.


Anonymous said...

True, True True!

Carrie said...

very well put. i miss driving in the canyon on sundays...

Becky J. said...

That was beautiful. And sweet. And so true. He does love you, as do so many others, including me! So glad the bed rest is almost over!

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