nothing much

nothing much has been going on here since our visitors left. and can i just say, that i love having visitors? but i also love having it just be our family alone? does that make sense? it might, or it might not, but that's just how i am right now. remember, i am a little crazy.

but here are some fun little tidbits of what has been going on around the leavitt house.

*abby acquired a new word: disgusting.
she uses it to describe something after it breaks. oh, that is just disgusting.
or if she uses the wrong crayon color. disgusting. but luckily, she knows NOT to say that at the dinner table or she will get a time out. smart girl.

*lucy is my favorite lucy. she is so much fun right now. she wants to help and learn how to do everything. but somehow, somewhere, (and definitely not from me) she has the perfectionist gene. she freaks out, and i mean freaks when, oh let's say a puzzle piece won't fit, or abby colors on her page, or touches her craft project (which abby calls crap projects, love it) . anyways, she is fun, and i'm thinking i might just snivel a little when she goes to preschool.

*ty is done with summer term! hoorah! hoorah! only 2 more semesters for my mr. man. and this is amazing if you know ty, because this boy does not like being inside, or sitting at a desk, or taking tests. so hats off to him. speaking of hats, his baseball league started up and he is happy. i am happy. everyone is reaping the benefits of his male bonding time. it's glorious. and...the truck is running. remember this engine he built in our kitchen? well, now it is in the truck and driving around the block and waking up all the neighbors. did i mention it is really really loud? as in, the girls ask for ear plugs to go outside and help him loud? well, it is loud. but apparently that is a very cool, macho thing.

*i am nesting, which is not good. how do you nest and stay in bed at the same time? i just have crazy urges during the day, or even in the middle of the night like:
wanting to wipe down all the baseboards in the house.
organize the utensil drawer
organize the hallway closet
throw away all of the girls toys and start over. it seems like the only logical solution to the mess.
clean the fan and all ceiling fixtures.
organize and spray down back porch.
wash all curtains and dust the blinds.
purge my bookshelves of unnecessary books, and or, ones i want in hardback.
organize the girls' art and drawings
finish labeling my picture albums (ok, this is something i can do right now)
but for now, instead of doing all those necessary, yes NECESSARY, things that have to get done, because the baby will be so offended if the baseboards are dusty. i am embroidering some lovely quilt squares for a dear friend and watching my girls play during the day and movies with ty at night.


Carrie said...

I think you deserve to nest! Enjoy it while you can! :-)

Danna Banana said...

great post!
I think that is soooo cute that you are nesting now!


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