at the edge

we attended the entire 2 hours of our stake conference today...on hard-wood benches. we survived, but i didn't hear one single thing. seriously, honestly, really, (i need another synonym) sound does not travel in the provo tabernacle. so, i people watched for 2 hours and managed the girls. i did have to break out the big guns and feed abby candy the last 5 minutes to prevent a meltdown. mmm...junior mints.

and as we rushed out people asked: how we are doing? and when is this baby coming?
we answered: we are good. and we don't know.
aside from ty's disability right now, we really are enjoying our little student life and quiet home and sleep filled nights. and i'm enjoying my two girls by squeezing and hugging and playing and talking to them as much as humanly possible.

but, and this is a big but,
i feel as though i'm standing at the edge of a great precipice and wondering:
will i be able to cross it and be this gloriously happy with three children,
or am i going to fall in?
and if i do fall, what's down there?


Lauren said...

Adorable picture!
Hope Ty's doing ok. Glad to hear you are doing well! YAY for no contractions! And three kids aint no thang! You'll be great. No worries.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Of course you won't "fall," thats just your wacked-out about-to-have-a-baby hormones talking.....its going to be amazing. And of course I'll be calling and asking for all of your advice when I get to the big 3 myself, because you always have good advice because you are one smart cookie. Three kids....pshaw....its got nothin' on you.

jes said...

me! i'm down there! come keep me company...

Becky J. said...

No way will you fall, Girl! And if you do, I'll be right there with you in a year or so when #3 (maybe?) comes along for us, too. You've gotta show me it's doable, and I know you'll not only do that, but you'll show me you can shine while you succeed. Chin up! (Okay, so maybe I've seen "Charlotte's Web" a few too many times lately with Sophie.)

Melanie said...

Glad you survived Stake Conference. I've been to the Provo Tabernacle for that same exact reason before. Sound does not carry well there. :)

And you know you'll be even more happy (especially once baby is sleeping through the night). It's just your pregnancy hormones. Remember right before you had Abby and you wondered if you could love another kid as much as you loved Lucy? We've all been there.

We can't imagine life without Matthew (the monkey) now.

Love the picture. You guys look so happy! (Give Ty's hand a kiss from us.)

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