baby phoebe

she is here. she is gorgeous. she has hair! she is addicting. she is happy and healthy. she was borderline bili-lights and kept my mom and me schlepping back and forth to labs and dr's offices for a few days. but we are in the clear (fingers crossed) and ready to just hang out together as a family.

here are all those unimportant details you've been craving...

the labor was so slow. which we couldn't understand as i usually go pretty quickly. but in hindsight, it was good news as i had no pain relief for a good chunk of time. i don't consider myself very wussy, but epidurals are pretty nice and i will take one as long as it is available. so i'm grateful that flaky nurse screwed things up so my body wasn't progressing, because i got one awesome epidural from one awesome anethesiologist and had one awesome delivery.
i am not kidding you. this delivery was so unbelievably easy that i WANTED TO DO IT AGAIN. yes, you read that right. 2 seconds after giving birth I WANTED TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY.
really, seriously, a mind-altering experience. i'm pretty sure my dr. walks on water. OH MY GOSH i still can't believe how easy it was. and the recovery has been a dream.which is nice considering i have 2 other monkeys at home also.

here she is. look at those rolls!

baby phoebe's namesake. taryn elise.

grandma curtis
grandma leavitt

lucy has turned out to be quite the little mommy. love it.


Camrin said...

I am so happy for you guys! She is so precious! CONGRATS!!!

Serenity Rachel said...

Congratulations! She is a doll and I'm so glad the delivery went well. It almost (but just almost :-) ) makes me want to have another one.

Melanie said...

Love the photos. So glad Lucy is wanting to help. I'm sure Abby will want to more soon as well. Jacob was a bit unsure at first. Sometimes he loved looking at the baby, and sometimes he wanted nothing to do with him. Now they're good friends though. :)

Give her a kiss from her relatives in Texas!

Lauren said...

Aw! Congrats!!! Another girl! She is adorable. I'm so glad everything went well :)

Danna Banana said...

love love love the pics!! Cutie patootie fits right in with the fam!

Trent & Tara said...

Those are cute pics of the girls holding & examining her.

Bowler Family said...

YAY!!! Glad everyone is doin well!

Rawson Family said...

I would have to agree, the Epidurals are great! I have had two great deliveries. The first time I thought "That's it? I was expecting it to hurt." Great doctor and great anesthesiologist.

Your pictures are great, and she is adorable. I am so happy you guys healthy and Happy.

The Yardley's said...

What a little gift from Heaven! She is beautiful! So glad your labor went good,you are a trooper! Have fun with 3 ballerinas-they are all precious!

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