behold the belgian goodness

i have a few products that i will shamelessly endorse for you to try until the day i die. philosophy belgian waffles bubble bath is one of them. let me tell you all started the day after abby crumped in the hospital. all of our friends and family were very supportive. but my two sweet sisters dropped everything going on in their lives and showed up in my hospital room. and stayed. work. church. jobs. kids. they put all that off and came with gifts a plenty. i don't know if they'll ever know how important that was to me. sarah scavenged target for cute and comfy leisure clothes for me to wear at the hospital as i had only packed one outfit. danna, the body and face product guru, came with oodles and oodles of goodies. one of them was this body wash. no big deal right? just a yummy smelling bath product?
au contraire.
the next morning i opened up the bottle and was transported. amidst the steamy, hot, water were mounds of butter, ooey gooey syrup and delicious delicious carb laden waffles. it was like eating breakfast and taking a shower at the same time. it was a beautiful moment where i wasn't thinking about doctors or nurses or ventilators or chest tubes or x-rays or infections. i was just enjoying the moment. heck, i didn't even look at the handicapped railing in the shower. those always irk me.
so i lathered, and lathered, and lathered some more. and seeing as i didn't have any shampoo either, i used it for that also. and ooooh, did i smell good. ty noticed it first. he couldn't stop sniffing my hair those two weeks. even a NICU nurse asked, "you know, you smell so good? what is that?"
and i told her. and i will tell the whole entire world everytime they ask.

i kept using that bottle till i couldn't squeeze any more out of it. and since then, for birthdays and special events, hubby will let me get another bottle of this stuff. other personal favorites are cinnamon buns and creme brulee. are you noticing a trend yet? but belgian waffles is seasonal, and it just came back. you can bet your bottom dollar that i ordered mine right away. it came yesterday, and i as i peeled off the lid it hit me. i love this stuff. and i don't know why i had to have it for this time. but i almost feel like it's my little back up plan. that no matter if things go bad again, and i don't have a healthy baby that i get to take home. I WILL HAVE GORGEOUS, SHINY, WAFFLY HAIR. and my shower time will be a little respite from the world. as every shower should be.

do you have a product you feel this passionate about? i would love to know.


Bowler Family said...

Biosilk silk serum. I have used it faithfully for 5 years straight. I never let the bottle get too low with out having the back up ready!!

PS I hope you don't have to be induced either!! I hope you go into labor ASAP

Jordan and Jandee said...

I think you were the one that turned me on to Philosophy's Cinnamon Buns, but I am equally obsessed. Its like walking into a bakery each morning without the calories! Looks like I'll have to try the waffles too!

Danna Banana said...

I'm so glad that I was able to come and help. Now you really are "The Waffler"! "golden-crispy""bad days are history"!

my name is becky kelly said...

you're making me hungry...

Lauren said...

That sounds simply sinful!!
I must try it!

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