i told you so

lucy loves to play on her top bunk
which means that abby loves to play on the top bunk
which means that i tell abby to be careful and stay near the wall so you don't fall

this was right before she fell

for the second time


Tam said...

our girls have bunk beds too, but for this exact reason we made them into two twins. it takes up nearly the whole room, which bugs me like crazy, but they get nagged at enough, they don't me railing on them about being careful on the top bunk too. whew, that was long, sorry, hope she's ok.

Melanie said...

Falling off the top is not fun! :)

Danna Banana said...

You need the barrier thingey! You can get them at Target!

my name is becky kelly said...

is there a reason that your font is "webdings?"
Am i the only one seeing this?
I copied and pasted the words into a word program and changed the font. (yes, Annie, I care that much about what's happening in your life)

Terril Family said...

No, I was seeing webdings yesterday too, but trying to figure out why everybody else (from the comments) knew that Abby fell off the bed. Ha. Anyway, I can see it in clear text today.

Poor Abby. Hope she's okay.

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