just a little before 30

inspired by some of my friends posts, this one is solely dedicated to my mr. man.
which is fitting because today just happens to be his birthday.
i hope most of you have met or will have the chance to meet ty. he is an amazing guy, all around. some of the reasons that i just can't stand being away from him are:

his smile
his chuckle (he has the best movie chuckle ever-and when he is driving dangerously on dirt roads)
his heart
his humility
his grease monkey hands
his brains
his skills
his totally thick and grows like a weed hair
how he thinks i'm funny, even after all these years.

his nature knowledge- this boy knows his desert
his no-bounds friendliness
his craving for adventure-
three beautiful girls he gave me

but the numero uno, very bestest reason i love him?
he chose me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and i love you


Carrie said...

So sweet! I love you too Ty! (But not in the same way, of course...) Happy Birthday!

Austrie said...

happy bday TY! i must say myself, that you are pretty awesome. probably my favorite oldest boy cousin ;)

The Richards in Canada said...

happy birthday ty!
just think that last picture was taken just days before we met you guys!!

Melanie said...

Hey Ty! We all think you're pretty awesome too. I don't think my kids will ever forget riding the 4-wheeler with you at Christmas! :)

Hope you had a great birthday!

Terril Family said...

happy late b-day ty!
thanks for all the great times we had growing up.when i think of all the great people who have influenced my life your name is high on the list. (mike)

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