oh, the irony!

i need to accept the fact that my life is one large irony, and in more ways than i ever could have imagined. maybe someday i'll take the time to expand on the subject.

for now, a simple list will do:

*ty broke his hand at the baseball game.
yes, broke.
i even said to hime that night,
man, things are going so well right now.

*i have not had one strong contraction for a week now.
yes, a week.

and i feel fantastic. hence the "things are going so well". i am walking in the mornings and afternoons. and cooking and cleaning and running errands and playing with the girls. and nothing. i know it's a good thing as i still have 3 more weeks, but it is quite humorous.
can you hear me laughing?


Melanie said...

It's so crazy how things work out in the end. Good luck taking care of Ty! :)

Terril Family said...

I hear no laughing.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

i'm sorry

Jordan and Jandee said...

Eeek! Ty broke his hand! What rotten luck, sorry for the mishap --Jordan broke his hand earlier this year playing ward ball and it is definitely no "laughing" matter.

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