the time finally came, i thought i would cry, but thankfully abby was crying and fussing enough about staying to "pway with sussy and pet the bunny!" that i was distracted. phew. dodged that bullet.

but i feel weird.
i had to wait in a preschool pick up line.
with all the minivans.
and babies.
and kids.
and minivans.
and babies.
and kids.
man, do us mormons know how to procreate or what?

daddy walked her home and let her pick out some candy on the way.
ps- today is beatles day on the radio here. totally awesome. yes, i said totally awesome.


Rawson Family said...

It was Mason's first day of Preschool also. I hope Lucy loved it as much as he did.

P.S. Cut backpack Tyson.:)

Danna Banana said...

Big day!! Thanks for showing the pic.

Carrie said...

I'm sure Lucy LOVES preschool. I can totally see her as the little teacher's pet, can't you?

Melanie said...

Yeah for the first day!! (I was dealing with 1st trimester morning sickness the day Emily started started pre-k. I was too busy trying to just walk and act normal. A great distraction!) :)

Becky J. said...

You are now part of an exclusive club for moms-of-pre-schoolers-only wherein you get to socialize with all of Lucy's friend's moms and commiserate together about how old your baby is getting. Okay, so that's partially tongue in cheek, but I'm also kind of serious. I've noticed here how the moms who have kids in pre-school or school together seem to talk a different language together about their kids' experiences, and I haven't learned how to speak it yet. I both look forward to and dread that day. I know you'll be "fluent" in no time--enjoy!

Lauren said...

Ah! Good for you. I totally teared up.
And yes.. we're all about kids and kids and babies oh yeah and vans! We're totally awesome. Yup I say totally awesome too. ;)

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