about the party

so we threw a surprise birthday party for my dad this weekend. props to my sis danna for her idea for the big bash, it really was wonderful. even with a 2 week old baby. yup, we traveled 500miles (each way) with 3 kids and the youngest 2 weeks old. two important things happened during this trip 1. i didn't die 2. i didn't kill my kids. hello success.

it was a great party and i got to hang out with my long lost cousins, who are really amazingly cool. (can you believe i went to college and still write sentences like that?) yeah, one of my cousins is an animator for spongebob and american dad. the girls have been clinging on to his autographed books with kung fu grips around here.

most importantly, i was really pleased to see how happy my dad was at his party. because that was the entire point; to tell my dad thanks for having & putting up with us 7 obnoxious kids. i'm very grateful for my dad. and i know he reads this every once in awhile, so thanks dad. your tops with me.

please forgive the pictures, i couldn't resist.

ok, classic picture. if you know my dad you can understandyeah, i totally snowboarded with this coat in middle school

the curtis family circa 1950ish? dad upper left.

mel, totally looks like your boys.
my mom on far right and aunt lynne far left with the chitlens and granny & grandpa.
my grandpa passed a few months later.
check out his awesome cane grip.

1996 or 97?

with my dad's sisters

and last but not least, the coolest scouting photo ever
check out that fro!

but the very funniest part of the trip? it happened driving home sunday night...
we didn't know lucy was awake until she blurted out:
"hey! that car has a tv in it!"
ty and i got a good laugh out of that one.


my name is becky kelly said...

I love the pictures! So entertaining, even when i don't knwo any of those people!
Hunter and Landon rode in my sister's car, last time we went to my grandpa's ranch, and they watched high school musical 2 on the way. man they felt special! I was surprised they never complained about our car not having a tv!

Lauren said...

Love the scout picture!!

Melanie said...

We had so much fun looking at these pictures. We were amazed to see the toddler one of your dad. We can totally see both the boys in there. And the picture of Billy with granny and grandpa - Jacob is almost exactly the same!

How did the rest of the slideshow turn out? We'd love to see it sometime.

And Lucy's comment about the tv in the car cracked us up! :)

Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

loved seeing the pics--just a date --the family portrait you labeled as 1950--I'm the "baby" in that pictureand I was born in Dec 1951 and I must be about 2 there ( do i look 3?) so that would put this picture in about 1953 or 1954. Carol Lynn was born in 1955 and Mom ( granny) doesn't look preggers here so.... thanks for posting about the party--I soooooo wanted to be there.

We ( Seymour and I ) are going to be there in Logandale for Thanksgiving--any chance you'll be there?

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