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we have a 2 week old whose sole profession is nursing. and pooping. and burping. and nursing. and pooping. and burping. you can pretty much mix up these 3 activities throughout the day and be spot on as to what i am doing. she eats and eats and eats and eats. and poops and poops and poops and poops. and burps and burps and burps and burps.
i'm thinking about renaming her "in n' out".

she's already 8lbs for crying out loud!

and i love it. exactly what we have been praying for all those months. a healthy, happy ( as long as i stay away from dairy, tomoatoes, chocolate, broccoli and cauliflower) and chubby baby. she already has some good neck rolls coming along.

ah, she's googly eyed again, but don't throw away your broken bouncer. abby just loves it. it's the closest she'll get to the baby right now.
the girls and i (all 4 of us) headed in for well check ups and 2 week check ups and all that jazz on monday and tuesday. i was exhausted. and i was confused. how do these mothers do it? i almost walked over to my neihbors house (a lovely and amazing mother of 4) just to bang on her door, grab her by the shoulders and ask how do you do this? and why do you make it look so easy?
because this is how i feel when i think about leaving the house

can i add that i am perfectly happy staying at home the next 6 months? i really am.

especially when we get beautiful views like this from our own front door


Becky J. said...

"Somewhere over the rainbow, moms aren't tired. Moms have hundreds of hands, oh why oh why can't I?"

That's what that post plus the shot of the rainbow made me think of at least! The doctors appointments with all the kids are the worst. If I lived nearby I'd watch Lucy and Abby for you at the next app. because it's murder trying to wrestle all of them. Good luck!

Lauren said...

You are awesome. Love your posts :)

my name is becky kelly said...

i think dr apps are officially one of the hardest events.
So, um.. what exactly DO you eat? is there anything more than dairy and chocolate?

Melanie said...

Ahhh, I just looked at your list of food to avoid and sighed. The things we do for these little ones. I hope you're managing to find stuff to eat.

I hate taking all the kids to the dr. Even now, it's the worst.

I think you should just stay home and chill for a while. :) Enjoy it and rest (and play some Sequence).

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Don't leave the house for at least 3 months. Good luck!

Court said...

I know how hard 3 is...gosh do I. I was surprised how much harder it was after we got a third! I'm sure you'll do great and if I can do can definitely do it :)

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