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as a baby, lucy could NOT stand having a wet diaper. no way jose. change me now people! she would cry from her little body. she also liked sleeping on her own, in her own room. sleeping next to us in the bassinet was unbearable. sleeping in our bed? not a chance.

abigail was more than happy sleeping in her bassinet. in fact, she slept there next to me for almost 6 months. cozy and happy and just perfect. (she was indecisive about wet diapers, thank goodness)

and now, well, let's just say i've been calling phoebe the little stinker. i feel quite confident about taking care of newborns. to me they are the easist stage to understand. if there is a problem it can only be from a few things. so i go down the checklist:

are they hungry?
are they poopy/wet? (she doesn't seem to mind this either, nice)
are they gassy?
are they tired?

there. that's it. end of story. if all these questions have been taken care of my child should be snoozing away. unless it's your third baby, which is our case. she is fed. she is clean. she is fully burped and relaxed. she is tired and supposed to be sleeping. but she's not, she's fussing. so to try and solve a problem that shouldn't exist, i pick her up. i lay down with her, and BINGO. asleep.

this baby will do anything to be close to me and ty. in the afternoons i have to peel her off of me and secretly slide her into the boppy so i can get some quality reading or napping accomplished. ( i have a serious schedule here)
at night time she sleeps quite well in the bassinet, but come somewhere after 5 am and she wakes up, she wants in. as in, in our bed. and we all keep sleeping soundly. maybe because i'm so exhausted i don't care. or maybe because bed rest bonded us a little differently than the other girls.

but it seems like she is going to be the hardest to sleep train. so far, i'm not bothered by it.

and ty's not complaining either.


Trent & Tara said...

oh man, that is sweet, but could be very hard to break that habit. Evelyn never slept in our room and that worked out well for all of us. we all got great sleep. Trent and i just feel like it was best for everyone. I don't know how people sleep with their baby in the bed all night long. I would be to worried of rolling over. lol Good luck though. That photo is cute.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Jack still likes sleeping right on top of me! But he will go to his own bed after about 10 minutes. (After that I can't breathe)But we held him a lot when he was a newborn, or else no one slept, and he was still "sleep trained" just fine. don't worry.

Melanie said...

Cute photo. I love seeing sleeping babies. :)

I' just glad you're getting some sleep.

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