we babysat the preschool bunny
we are hoping all the styrofoam it ate here will pass
i let my mom take a picture of me

it's been cold & rainy

miss laurie came & took pictures of phoebe for us
and lots of family visiting all weekend
we've been busy

and i think i'm tired;
because last night i fell asleep nursing & couldn't remember what i was doing there

till i looked down and saw sleeping, milk drunken baby


Lauren said...

You are too funny.
"sleeping, milk drunken baby"
Love it. Hope you are still getting some naps in!

Carrie said...

I think bunnies are pretty resilient. :-)

Melanie said...

You look great with the baby! :) I bet the girls loved having that bunny all weekend. How fun. And I love Lucy's Beatles shirt and Abby's Y shirt. Too cute.

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