that is the only word i could think of for this post. dear, sweet, college buddy laurie (aka miss texas) came to our house when the phoebes was only 7 days old. remember, she took these perfect pictures of us in january after we found out about babes #3.t
but this time, she came to our house. and the girls were cranky and crazy and had fro hair. i was bloated and tired and fighting off a clogged duct. phoebe was only cooperative for 1/100th of how many photos miss t had planned.
the girls probably broke all of her props. it had all the necessary ingredients for a disastrous shoot. and then she sent me the link for her blog. and, well, wow.
i knew she was good, but, wow again.she captured my baby, while still that perfect, newborn, untainted by the world, baby. and i'm forever grateful for that. check out all the photos here.
these are a few of my faves:


Melanie said...

They are so sweet! Holy cow. I need an old college roommate like that. I'm glad you got so many good ones, even with all that other stuff going on. :)

Tam said...

love 'em. so rich, velvety and beautiful. but how could they be anything but with you four?

Trent & Tara said...

cute pics. find out where she got that pink sock looking thing...i would love to use that in my newborn shoots.

Lauren said...

These are great pictures!
I'm so behind on blogging.. I've missed so much and you moved! I gotta add your new address to my reader!

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