bijou indeed

so, i read this blog. which is all about what's happening in p-town. you know, just in case i have free time and want to get out. hahahahahaha.

anyways, they talked about the bijou market for last saturday morning which just so happens to be down the street. after a busy morning of trying to work out (oh, that's an entire post in itself), attending a church training meeting, and making ty watch the girls for hours on end. i decided last minute to just go. i grabbed the girls, threw them in the stroller and took off. i had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and man was i going to spend it.

and spend it i did. to my surprise it was inside instead of out, very crowded, and a 30 minute wait to check out; a disaster for bringing children. so i treated them to cupcakes from cupcake chic to keep them busy. i should have had them share because abby always eats only the frosting and lucy always eat only the cake. oh well. luckily my neighbor came with me with her girls, and that kept them all busy.

back to the market. it was awesome. very cute and inventive stuff. everything handmade. nothing frumpy. i have been looking for something nice for my bedside table and bought a frame from this girl. and a saying from this shop. and put them together all by myself. i am pretty proud of how it turned out.

i'm also proud of all the stuff i didn't buy.
because i wanted some of these and these and these and some matching beanies for the girls.

and can i say that the 3 girls thing has already begun? because it most definitely has.

are all these yours?
what beautiful little girls.
wow, three girls.

and i smiled everytime and answered, "yup, they're all mine." because they are. and i'm feeling very humbled lately to have such wonderful kids. and i hope i can live up to the task of raising them right. and most importantly, of doing all that hair. i'm thinking of buying stock in goody.


Carrie said...

how fun that you found something so close that you can go to! even if it makes you spend money and is really crowded. there are little treasures to be found that everyone else won't have, because you didn't get them at Target or Costco! hooray!

Becky J. said...

I always hear "You've sure got your hands full!" and so now my ready reply is "Better full than empty!" It's true, and it stops them in their tracks.

And I hear ya about doing all that hair! I can't even keep up on mine let alone two other girls! Heaven help us all if we have any more! :)

Melanie said...

Cute stuff, crafty girl. I can't believe how clean your bedside table is. :)

And you're right, we're all very lucky to have our healthy kids. :)

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