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yesterday we went for bike rides. abby got tired about 50 feet from the house, so i carried her (heavy) tricycle home. the girls ran into the house for lunch and as i trudged my way there i ran into my neighbor friend. we started to chit chat, and after a few seconds i noticed that i was swaying back and forth bouncing the tricycle trying to keep it happy.

i realized then exactly how tired i am. because tricycles don't cry. and they don't need to be rocked.

thank goodness.


Jed Wheeler Family said...

I love the milk mustache picture so cute. And...
it's okay if you rock the tricycle, I rocked/bounced myself during the 60 seconds of silence everying morning when I was working. I felt bad until I looked over and Karen W. was doing the same thing, then we laughed. She says it never goes away.

Danna Banana said...

I almost peed myself reading this!

Bowler Family said...

I was sitting in cheer practice w/o ella one day and a girl asked me to hold her sweatshirt and I swayed back and forth for almost the whole practice until Amber L. said something! I didn't even know what I was doing!

Deborah said...

My granddaughter Bailey ( patience's daughter) at age 18 months-ish was standing in the kitchen holding a babydoll and swaying back and forth and bouncing and patting the baby. and SHE was the baby of the family so hadn't had a chance to observe anybody WITH a baby!!!

It's hard wired in us!!!!!!

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