peanut, peanut butter

driving down for thanksgiving i found myself alone in the car with 3 girls age five, two and two months. tyson is driving alone ahead of me in his 'truck' as he is leaving it in warmer weather during the winter months. you know, because we can let my car get all rusty and weathered from road salt but not his.
anyway, i'm feeling pretty proud as no one has had a melt down and i haven't had to pull over and threaten any lives yet. then all of a sudden lucy yells:
"ooooooh, abby's throoowing uuuup. she's throwing up mom! throwing up!"
and sure enough.  upchuckage.  i can't reach her. i can't help her. she's just spewing all over herself with these sad puppy dog eyes pleading for help.
and ty's not answering his phone or responding to my SOS waving and hand signals from the windshield. then lucy yells:
"eeeewww, it smells like peanut butter!"
and sure enough, it did. i guess you know what we had for lunch now.
i finally reach ty and he responds that it's only 5 minutes till the gas station. poor abby, she was very patient for the first 3 minutes, and then curiosity got the best of her. i look in the rear view mirror to see her "tasting" the remnants off of her lips and chin.
 and to top the disgustingness off with more disgustingness, lucy leans over, and i kid you not, whispers:
"abby, does it taste like peanut butter?"

that's just about when i started dry heaving.


Carrie said...

c' know you were curious, too. :-)

Rawson Family said...

After I stopped laughing.....I thought curiosity never hurt anyone right.

my name is becky kelly said...

smelling like peanut butter is way better than smelling like typical vomit! :) NOTHING gets that smell out of carseats, but time.

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