six weeks

the magic six weeks mark. where they finally wake up and become a real person. and hit that wonderful (note sarcasm) growth spurt where they stop sleeping and want to eat every 30 minutes. i didn't think phoebe would have one, seeing as she has NEVER stopped eating around the clock yet.
case in point:

and before you start thinking, what happened to your baby? no she did not ingest another infant recently; although she looks like it. she likes to eat. a true curtis to the core. and i know lots of babies like to eat. but most don't balloon up this freaking fast. and it has happened to all of our girls, even preemie abby. because as my pediatrician informs me...

some moms make this:
and some moms make this:
and some lucky moms make this:

and i make this:
personally, i think it's a lot closer to cream than whole.
and just in case there is a natural disaster in the western united states, and you need your baby fed, bring them on over. my supply and demand could feed all of them. and some more.

and i couldn't be happier.
because nursing isn't easy.
and it isn't convenient.
but i'm lucky enough that it has worked out 3 times now.

but i do miss the brain cells it has sucked out of me.


my name is becky kelly said...

thanks for sharing some of Abigail's cream with Faith! :)

Terril Family said...

You lucky duck! I made skim and very little of it. My poor baby starved until I gave in and started supplementing her with formula. I love chubby babies and think they are so stinkin' cute! Cant wait to get up there and hold that cutie pie again. She makes me anxious to have baby #2.

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