turkey and stuff

another successful thanksgiving was had over here in moapa valley. i warned my mom ahead of time that i was going to be of absolutely no use to her this year. i am still exhausted (when does that end?) and not feeling betty crockerish enough to lend a hand in the kitchen. and i didn't. we came, we ate, we left.

i promised her next year i would make up for it. the day really was made when the girls played and played with all of their cousins like it was going out of style. and this week we haven't been visiting with friends and doing all kinds of amazing things except eating and napping. lots of eating and lots of napping equals more exhaustion. during nap time i took the liberty and stole these from ty's mom's computer. thanks camille!

abby leigh at about 4 months

this is my, 'i'm very tired but i'll put on a happy face,' face

september 2006
adams family picture

june 2006

all of ty's family at taylor's graduation.
just had found out pregnant with abby the day before

the leavitt boys with some of their buds
a great picture of shawn i think

lucy and great grandpa adams 2006
i love this picture because abby did the same thing last time we were here

lucy loved playing with trent we he came home from his mission

ty in the batting cage

lucy's 4th birthday


Anonymous said...

Thanks Annie for posting all the pics, especially the one of all the boys! Love Shawn's smile! Miss him lots! Love, Tara

Trent & Tara said...

Those are fun old photos to see. Thanks for sharing:) Time sure does fly by.

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