how happy am i that i ran all my errands last week?

very, very happy.

i do need to still pick up and get the christmas cards sent out.
but i'll wait until this mother of a storm passes.
in the meantime we are drinking lots of hot chocolate and drying out our mittens and boots on the heating vents.

*if any of you have changed your address or would like a card. please send me your address via email:


Austrie said...

THat's worse than idaho! it's a beautiul sunny day today :)

Terril Family said...

I know...we are freezing up here too! We'll have to come hang out and freeze together. I wish we would have known about Phoebe's blessing on Sunday, but we were home for the weekend and didnt get back up here until late Sunday evening.

Bowler Family said...

I know the snow if awful to drive in and keeps you trapped in your house for days at a time....but I love how pretty it is!

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