seen and heard

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

ben: hey lucy's mom
me: yes?
ben: guess what i want for christmas?
me: i don't know. what do you want?
ben: i want to have sex in a cup
me: what do you want again?
ben: i want to have sex in a cup!
me: wow. why?
ben: because! they are so cool! you can climb walls with them and stick to windows!
me: oh, suction cups! those are really cool ben.
ben: yeah, but spiderman doesn't have sex in a cup, he just uses his hands.
me: mmmhmm. he doesn't need suction cups does he?
ben: nope. but he is really cool too.
me: yeah he is

can i please have a boy some day?


Lauren said...

I cannot tell you the awesomeness of this post. Oh boy!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

That's hilarious! I can't stop laughing.

Melanie said...


You can borrow mine whenever you want! :)

Camrin said...

These are the things I am going to half to deal with. Here we go. very cute!
The bumbo chair is AMAZING!!! I thought they were kinda pricie but, it is worth every penny spent. I bought mine off ebay for $6.50. I know they are sold at Walmart for $35. Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING.
No worries I won't tell. Phoebe is going to be in heaven! :o)

my name is becky kelly said...


ThE McNEiLs said...

Thanks for a great laugh! Boys are so fun.

my name is becky kelly said...

me again. I just told Shanan about this and he was cracking up!

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