twelve weeks

i knew the 12 week growth spurt was coming. i was expecting it. but being the intelligent person that i am, i knew that and still put on my to do list:
  1. christmas cards
  2. baking
  3. cleaning
  4. cooking
  5. entertaining
  6. running christmas errands
  7. cleaning the entire house
  8. scrubbing out the fridge
  9. packing up our whole lives into the jeep for vacation

and to top that all off with a big cherry on top...phoebe got a nasty cold and sore throat yesterday. hmmm, sick and starving? wow.

so thanks 12 weeks, you are going to really knock my socks off.

but when i look at this picture...

i suddenly forget what i was whining about


me said...

Look at the chubs on her! Too cute. Good luck micro-managing more than usual.

Danna Banana said...

what are you doing posting at 4 in the morning??
And yes....she is adorable. Chubba-licious. looks like Mason and Justin.

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