it's just like that time when class was canceled...

today was sunday, which, if you are mormon or any other faith and take all of your kids to church, means one massive, harry carry, mad dash to get all of the hair done and the diapers and wipes thrown into the bag along with some edible, but not too sugary, not too messy, not too I'M EATING IN CHURCH, snacks.

if i have one goal in life it is to be able to come home to a clean house after 3 hours of church. because ours always looks like hurricane katrina just hit.

anyways, so we are in the crazy phase of running around like chickens with our heads cut off and abby states, "dere's somewon at the door".  what? "dere's somewon at the door!" so ty opens the door just to check, and lo and behold, our hometeachers were standing there. as they walk in and see that

1) i am still in my pajama pants and a shirt half on/half off, hey i nurse,
2) that we are in full on church mode, and
3) our house is a pig sty,

ty chuckles, " sorry we are just getting ready to go to stake conference". and our lovely and very fun hometeachers gently said, "um, stake conference was at 10". WHAT? i could swear on all that is holy that i knew it was at 2pm today. an honest to goodness mistake.  ty and i looked at each other and just started to laugh. sure, we were sad that we missed out on all the good counsel and advice, but c'mon, 2 hours stuck on a hardwood bench with three crazy monkeys is not something i wake up looking forward too.

so we took the opportunity to drive over and see some houses that ty thought i would like the designs of. and i have to say that yes, overall i liked the designs. but the entire master planned community was a little scary. like, the cleaver family scary. everything looked too perfect, too clean, too, well, let's just say i felt like little robots were going to walk out of the house instead of people. maybe it's because it was a sunday in utah, but there was no one anywhere. creeeepy.


and i just couldn't resist putting on these ones:
aren't those rubber band wrists delicious?


Austrie said...

hahaha rubber band hands. i do love them. Whenever I hear about smelly snack foods in church, i think of the lady you told us about at the movies who pulled out a bag of bacon. sick. lol

Tam said...

I'm glad to know ours isn't the only house that is completely unSunday looking on Sunday. I really hate that about Sundays. Good post. So are you planning to build yourselves a house soon? If so, congrats and I'm jealous.

Melanie said...

Mistake?! Just kidding. :)

Cute photos. Daddy and his baby girl.

So, why are you looking at houses?

Carrie said...

Sometimes "accidentally" missing church is the best. And those houses are very pretty, but also very cookie-cutter. I prefer houses that are older and have a little personality. Of course I'm only saying that because all we could afford was an old house with personality. :-)

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