party hardy marty

due to circumstances beyond our control (BLASTED SCHOOL) we had to have abby's party today. it was nice and chill and everyone just hung out. i even got a compliment on my cake! which is from scratch, by the way. i haven't bought a cake mix for almost a year. how's that for tooting my own horn?

anyways...back to ABBY! it was her party and i think she was happy just having something only about her. she was quite pleased to see a lot of her aunts and uncles there.

the cake. originally we were going to have a princess theme.
then abby changed her mind and wanted a corduroy party. cute, but huh? how do i pull that off?
so instead i made it a generic flower theme. lame, but still cute.
and last night in the wee hours of the night frosting and decorating i sang rush songs to myself.

the birthday lady
this one's for abby-and i love evelyn down there watching
oh yeah, i chopped off all my hair. LOVE IT.
we can't get enough of aunt sarah (and i didn't get pictures of ty's siblings- but we love them too)
um, phoebe you look like you were bitten by a swarm of bees my dear.
and three is the best age ever! sike.


me said...

Looks great Annie!
I'm finding out about 3 year olds. Jared turned 3 two months ago, and I'm not too fond of it. You've done it once, you can do it again and again.

Melanie said...

Nice job on the cake!! :) I bet she loved it. Cute hair too. You are so brave.

Happy Birthday Abby!

Deborah said...

LOVE the hair! Isn't a new hairdo just the best thearpy?

and the cake --so pretty ( and what flavor was this gorgeous scratch cake.. Hmmmm?)

and Phoebe just looks real healthy. It's the breast Cream!!!!

Austrie said...

love the cake, love the hair, love abby! tell her happy 3 bday for me :)

Melanie said...

PS. LOVE the cake stand. Where did you get it?

ThE McNEiLs said...

Your cake is amazing...from scratch?!? You are the women. I love your hair! So cute! Happy b-day Abby!

Lauren said...

Oh! Love your cake stand.. and the cake too! Happy Bday Abby!

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