thoughts on I-15

  • our car is really small
  • vacations always go by way too fast
  • i'm tired of this drive
  • a lobotomy seems nicer than listening to your baby cry for an hour 1/2 straight in the car
  • i can't believe we landed on the moon
  • jc mickelson restaraunt adds are weird
  • i was really lazy this holiday
  • i ate a lot of my mom's cinnamon rolls
  • we spent the least amount of money this year as i had tons of crafts planned. 90% of my crafts didn't work. the other 10% didn't get finished. i felt like such a scrooge. sorry everyone.
  • i didn't visit half of the people i wanted to (sorry jess. sorry becky. sorry chandra)
  • our family and friends are way too kind to us and our kids
  • i don't want to grow up and leave this student life
  • i can't wait for ty to start his job that he loves after we graduate
  • i'm very indecisive
  • our car is really, really, small. 
  • we need a luggage rack.
  • phoebe is spoiled and ready for a schedule
  • our car is really small.
but the best thing i wrote down?  my goal for 2010:

talk less
listen more


    my name is becky kelly said...

    no hard feelings :) see you in May!

    Melanie said...

    I'm glad you survived your trip home. :)

    Becky J. said...

    These are great. Good luck with the New Year's Resolutions! ( I mean that sincerely, not as in "Yeah, good luck with that!" or anything like that. :D) I think you're a good listener, and I like when you talk, so it's all good.

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