as of late

  • abby and lucy can officially play together without fighting for almost 2 minutes.
  • phoebe thinks nursing and eating cereal is the bomb.
  • ty has been acing his tests.
  • abby has had 3 accidents this week when she wants to where undewears.
  • the weather is the same- dull, dreary, depressing.
  • i'm trying to de-junk rooms-unsuccessfully. some little elves seem to replace it right after i leave.
  • i caught a couple making out in a dark & secluded parking lot after visiting teaching. it was awesome, and i chuckled all the way home.
  • we went for a bike ride on campus today-it was the warmest day of the week-55*!( but it felt like 45)
  • phoebe LOVES being outside. we're 3 for 3 now.


Trent & Tara said...

you have such a funny way of putting things Annie...this is so cute of Phoebe with Dad. She is soo squishy and chubby...i just love it.

Austrie said...

that is one impressive slobber ring! :)

Annie Leavitt said...


i know right? she goes through like 3 outfits ( and bibs) a day.

Danna Banana said...

Phoebe is the McFattyPants...not you!

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