i think i can, i know i could. wait... i suck.

every year, when i watch the olympics, all i really care about is women's figure skating.
and every year, without fail my pulse quickens, my eyes widen and i think, "i could do that". cause i've got the dancing part down, and i'm a pretty good jumper. with a little bit of practice and ice time? lookout world!

but when i actually put on skates, and step on the ice, i look like a blind cat with tinfoil on its feet.

not pretty.

one of my favorite skaters of ever:
favorite skater from last night:


Austrie said...

that was pretty amazing last night! she blew them all out of the water! and sasha cohen--not even qualifying for the olympics??? thats a bummer!

Trent & Tara said...

ok I am so missing out...we don't get the channel (nbc is it??) that the olympics are on. I have always loved watching figure skating with my mom. I would be way worse on ice than least you can dance:)

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