pants on fire

on preschool pickup duty:

"wow, lucy! you have a tv in your new caw!"-little boy
"no, that's just a light!"- lucy
"well that wooks just wike our tv in our caw"-little boy
"nope, my mom says it's just a light"-lucy
"yeah, it looks like a tv doesn't it? but it's just a light." - me

yes, ty and i have lied to our children (and preschool buddies) and told them the the black dvd player on the ceiling of the car is a "light". because, hey, it does have a light! but all in all, we have made it 5 years without a dvd player and the girls have been just fine. remember the road trip we just took of 18 hours in the car? no dvd player.

ok, so yes i'm bragging a little bit but i'm sure that if in the past we would have had the funds to buy one we would have to survive car trips, but we didn't & learned how to do without. and we feel like the girls are so used to it that why introduce one now?

pretty much it's like starting to kiss after only holding hands. THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

how's that for a lie joshlyn?


Jed Wheeler Family said...

That's AWESOME! See we all do it and it IS okay. hehe Wait till she finds out the truth, hopefully it won't be when she's 13. That will make for some serious teenage angst.

Tiffany said...

I don't know how you do it! The DVD player in the car is our sanity saver. Before we had kids we always made fun of people who did that, but now we are eating our words. Good for you though, you're a stronger mom than I am!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, that's funny Annie. There is going back though, well kind of. We had a car with a dvd player, now I am driving my van which doesn't. The kids survive, it is just my sanity that is being tested. It is nice that my kids and I have iteresting conversations in the car. We alson have only tested this no dvd out from Logandale to Vegas and from Logandale to St. George. What happens on a longer road trip will be the true test :)

Rawson Family said...

We all have to lie a some point.
We don't have DVD players in our Car's and the conversation's on are trips can get pretty interesting.

Carrie said...

Wow. That's pretty good. I can't wait to see how long it takes for Lucy to call your bluff. :-)

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