and we've got snow over here

i hate it when i'm right. really, really do. and i keep trying to convince ty the sooner he realizes that i am ALWAYS right, the easier the rest of, oh...eternity, will be for the both of us.

because i said it was going to get cold, and it did. snow, snow, rain and snow.
in other news, phoebe is growing growing growing, a whopping 15lbs 14oz, (which, is like, 16lbs). she loves to eat her veggies, cereal, and just had applesauce for the first time this morning. 

her favorite thing to do recently, as in, just a few days, is grab faces. grab, grab, scratch, and claw. i trimmed the nails so it's  a little safer now.

she especially loves ty's nose:
i totally didn't mean for this to looks all artsy at an angle, i was just avoiding the crap on the floor
win win!


Danna Banana said...

cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!

Lauren said...

It is so windy and nasty here, I can only imagine the snow there! Phoebe is so cute! I love/hate the nose grabbing phase. :)

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