calm before the storm

the weather was deliciously warm and still this morning. which can only mean one thing-
cold is coming again. 

i'm praying it doesn't freeze as trent and tara's apricot tree is brimming over with buds and last year they lost them to a frost. i have a real hankering for making more apricot jelly this summer.

in other news, my friend rachel hiked with me this morning. so lovely to chat and chat. we were lapped on our way up by an old man. and then he lapped us on our way down. and then he finished at the bottom and turned around to HIKE IT A SECOND TIME.  i told rachel i'm pretty sure it's THIS GUY.

needless to say, we were feeling pretty sheepish for huffing and puffing on our way up and down. and yes, i still think i'm crazy for making this goal to hike it everyday. oh well.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

when brock and i hiked it a few years ago we were passed by a guy as well...and we were huffing and puffing. I blamed it on the eleveation since we were from Nevada.

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