deep thoughts at 5am

sometime i can't go back to sleep after nursing phoebe. sometimes i get on google reader and read people's posts- and then i get them jumbled up. i can't remember who is having a baby, who redecorated their house, who is going on a trip, yesterday i could have sworn that my friend built shelves for her baby room and my sister-in-law had the baby. holy moly, i'm tired.

but as scary as this is, here are a list of random things that happened this week:
  • i used my great quacamole recipe twice as my avacados are over ripe.
  • i caught a cold. not a major one, but sucky nonetheless. i know, isn't EVERYONE sick right now?
  • phoebe has the aforementioned cold, not fun. poor girl.
  • lucy is smart, and funny, and has long legs and beautiful pointed feet and rhythm and musicality. i'm jealous.
  • abby poops in her diaper all day long now. oh well, not dissapointed. it is much easier to just change a diaper.
  • before i caught this cold i was working out everyday. it has been awesome to feel like my old self again.
  • phoebe is fussing again, time to go dear blog. maybe i'll get some more sleep today? right.
pictures like this make me wonder what these girls are going to do to me in 10 years.
you gotta love how scared phoebe looks

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Natalie | Make Today Great said...

lol, I do that too! I am subsribed to many a blog and I'm always forgetting which friend from college did what! Whoops.

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