little green men drive me crazy

i do not, nor ever have, celebrated st. patrick's day holiday. if you can even call it a  holiday. my entire life the fine points of this day i have liked can be counted on my hand.
  1. my dad's stories of the chicago green river
  2. shamrock ice cream and green popcorn at elementary school
  3. my childhood friend's birthday
  4. not wearing green but telling people i'm wearing green underwear so back off
and that's about it. i never really knew what the hullabaloo was about. i think it's great if you celebrate, but i think it all boils down to laziness on my part. and i'm probably more irish than most other people.  but no shamrock's, no green eggs and ham. no fuss amongst us.

 and then lucy went to preschool that day. "MOM!" she cried when i walked into the classroom. in her hands were a shamrock the size of a basketball, a bag full of goodies and little green footprints. "THEY WERE HERE! THEY WERE HERE!" insert jumping up and down. "oh, that's nice" i murmered as i grabbed the other preschool buddies in the carpool, trying to dodge the "did they come to our house?" question that i knew was coming.  "AND GUESS WHAT?!" another scream. "no, what?" i asked, finally making eye contact. "THE TOILETS WERE GREEN!" she blurted. "wow! green?" i admit, this was a first for me. luckily the teacher was standing right there and noticed my perplexed expression. with her arms folded she leaned over and said, "the leprechauns peed in it!" and smiled and winked at me like i would think this was so very novel & cute.

excuse me? what was that? the leprechauns peed in the toilet and 'forgot to flush'? oh wow, that is especially not smart in a classroom of preschooler's whose mother's ask them all day long to FLUSH THE STINKING TOILET. maybe it's just me. so i'll apologize ahead of time, if you come over to our house and there is a floating log in the toilet. IT'S LUCY'S.

this year just made me even less enthused to ever celebrate this holiday. bah humbug.

and yes, she has asked every day why the little green men didn't come to our house.


Julia Ladewski said...

first time to your blog!! so cute! your kids are adorable. you look so pretty in that family picture!! looking forward to reading more about you!

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! I think that I would have been a little worried if litte green men peed in my toilet and didn't flush ;)

Vyanca said...

Does anybody really have any idea what this holiday is about!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

You know me. I love holidays and any excuse to decorate my house. I just figure that we all need something to look forward. So I celebrate with green milk, green eggs and ham, corned beef and cabbage, and an Irish jig but I agree, green pee is a bit much for me!

Lauren said...

Ewww! Green pee.. what?!
Love the Abby post though!!

Jennifer said...

Top of the Mornin' To Ya...I can't believe you haven't had your children taken away yet. :)

I celebrated this holiday for the first time ever this year. I'm not sure what my genealogy is but I'm fairly certain it isn't Irish but nonetheless I food colored the milk and blamed it on a mischieveous leprechaun.

If your girls start feeling deprived send them to my house for some Lucky Charms and green milk.

Lara said...

Annie, I am so glad you left me a comment! I totally read your blog ALL the time! I LOVE your posts, not to mention your girls are adorable!

Thanks for the well wishes, and don't be a stranger to my blog!

Have a good weekend!

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