who needs the outdoors?

we can have campfires right on our bookshelves if need be.
someone needs to tell the princesses they are tad bit overdressed.
i found this little arrangement while getting out of the shower saturday morning. you gotta love abby. and i think it's a second child thing, she can play and play and play and play and play all by her lonesomes.

meanwhile lucy chatters at me all day long like the umbilical cord was never cut.

i'm laughing at our book collection.

and yes, i hiked this morning. HUZZAH!


Danna Banana said...

So sweeeet! I remember watching Russell and Doug play for hours on our old Fischer Price toys.

Ian and Kacee said...

Haha! I was checkin out your book collection also! Too funny!

Becky J. said...

Wow, our daughters are clones! Since day one Sophie has been connected to me at the hip and can't go anywhere unless I'm right there with her, entertaining her every second of the day. And then Avery can sit and read books by herself or color for hours without even looking up to see where I am. It's not like either of us had our first child for years and year before the second came along or something, either. I think that's so funny that they're the same in both our families!

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