Y chromosomes need not apply

we have three girls. in a row. which leads many people to comment in awe, wonder, confusion, and sometimes...dissapointment. before phoebe it was "maybe you'll get your boy!" "did you think it's a boy?" "it's about time you had a boy!" and the best ones were, "so and so had 3 girls ( or 4,5,6,7!) in a row and THEN a boy!". the pressure was tremendous. always. especially because somehow for my husband's side of the family, no boys have made an appearance. phoebe was the 7th great granddaughter and the 4th granddaugter, and 4th greatgrandaughter in a row. obviously you can see why everyone is so expectant for that boy. (i kind of feel sorry for whatever baby it will be, as the attention is going to be overwhelming). when phoebe was born only a few people seemed "excited" for us to have another girl. it was almost like, oh same old thing all over again.

and then trent and tara announced their pregnancy, and i admit, i jumped on the "boy" bandwagon. boy boy boy boy boy! i wanted it to be. mostly because then all the pressure would be off of the married grandchildren. i'm not exactly going to pop out 5 more puppies in search of a tonka truck loving child. no thank you. and they are having...a girl. which makes me excited because phoebe and their little baby will be in the same grade, and that's just cool in my opinion.

but the pressure, is there. and always has been. ty is the oldest son of an oldest son of...get the picture? but now, it doesn't bother me anymore. something beautiful happened after phoebe. no pressure. no expectations. we are a family of all girls, and i love it. it is wonderful and fun and amazing to see how children of the same sex can be so entirely different from each other, even if they do look EXACTLY alike. the girls are quiet and loud and goofy and flighty and sporty and feminine all at the same time. and the bond between them is inspiring.
this is us, and we love it.


Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it Annie. Lizzi is my secon child followed by 3 boys. Even though I had a girl, people thought that Jaxon just must be a girl because Lizzi needed a sister. When Lizzi needs girl time she can come hang out with your girls and if Ty needs a little tesoterone(sp?) he can come hang out with Nathan and the boys :)

Laura Joyce Leavitt said...

Even though Kaden and i haven't had kids yet and given are situation as full-time, super poor, homeless students, we probably wont for quite awhile, but i am really hoping we aren't the first to have the boy. I would much rather start with a girl who has eight or so Leavitt cousins to look up to.

Reagan said...

Hey, twins!! On my side AND jakes side there are only girls. We have a girl, my sister has two girls and there are 4 girl nieces on jakes side of the family. There are two nephews as well, but one is a step-nephew and one is an adopted sister's son. That's not to say they are any less our nephews, I'm just saying that it seems our blood can only make girls!

Pretty cool!

Mary said...

Girls Rule!!! :) We LOVE your all girl family...obviously! We're trying to be just like you!!

Stuart Humes said...

Girls are great! Poor Emma is sandwiched between two brothers. She wants a sister so badly, but that will never be! Our families are what we need them to be, and what they need them to be, so I say Way to go on finding acceptance, but if that boy grandson ever comes he'll be one spoiled little boy! Oh, and someday they will be so happy to have each other (like when they are done fighting over clothes, shoes, makeup and boys!)

Rebecca said...

When we were expecting our third, everyone assumed I wanted a boy as well. Truth be told, I would have been thrilled to have another girl. And while I wouldn't trade Grant for anything, there are definitely times when I wonder how anyone can handle more than one boy. He's cute as can be but SO busy all the time! Girls are so fun! I'm glad they are the majority in my house. :)

Becky J. said...

I'm starting to feel like that over here. I honestly am trying to gear myself up before having another child to getting another girl, because we probably will. And it will be awesome, just like it is for you. :)

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